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School Site Advisory Council

School Site Advisory Council

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School Site Advisory Council

The Site Advisory Council (SAC) is responsible for developing a school safety plan, weighs in on budget decisions, and advises on discretionary spending. The SAC helps to develop a technology plan, and has a role in coordinating public relations.

There are openings on the Site Advisory Council. If you are interested in being a member click here for more information.
Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 4pm.
Agendas for Site Council Meetings

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Minutes Site Council Meetings

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SciTech School Site Council Members

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SciTech School Site Council Members

Barbara Silver - President
Heather Hamp - Secretary
Maria Martinez, Principal
Kumari Hudson-Bates, Teacher Rep
Angela Kendall, Teacher Rep
Rosie Vargas, Parent Rep
Teresa Perez, Parent Rep
Alva-Monique Vargas, Student Rep