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Math Resources

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Math Facts in a Flash Log in: Renaissance Place

IXL Log in: IXL Website

EXCELLENT MATH DICTIONARY with definitions, examples and practice problems

Another math dictionary: Illustrated Math Dictionary
K-3 Math

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K-3 Math Sites:
Below are websites to help with math learning.
  • Illuminations - activities on various topics
  • Practice on many math topics, by grade level:
  • Addition Facts to 9+9: on aaamath
  • Subtraction Facts from 0 to 10: on aaamath
4-6th math links

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Great Math Dictionary for 5th, 6th grades and up!

Practice on many math topics by grade level: aaamath

Math games on all topics: Sheppard Software





Resource Links

reading/language arts

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Reading Links:
Reading  K-3:
Language Games for 4-6th Grades
  • Build a sentence game Penguins on Ice
  • This game is really fun, but its hard! You build words to earn points - the longer the word, the more points you earn. Kalima
  • At this site you can find lots of word games to play Word games
  • Word games in English
  • Here is a site with lots of different grammar games!! Everything from punctuation to verbs and adjectives! Go Grammar!!
  • Here are two games to play: 1) for Nouns and Verbs 2) for all parts of speech Grammar Gorillas
  • Practice recognizing nouns. Is it a noun? (terms to know: proper noun, common noun, not a noun) Noun Dunk!
  • And another grammar game... Clean up the beach! (sort words into verbs and nouns) Clean up your grammar!
  • Here is a game that practices the meanings of suffixes and prefixes. Short Circuit
  • Here is a spelling fishing game. You have to choose the right spelling to win. (looks at how the "y" changes and at doubled consonants) Fish 'Em Up!!
  • And for punctuation practice... Punctuation Campground
online strategy games

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technology links

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Keyboarding Practice

Do you want to learn to type quickly? Here are some sites where you can practice your keyboarding skills!

Type on-line