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School Accountability Report Card

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About Us

Principal's Message

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Here at the Science and Technology Academy of Knights Landing, “hands on – minds on” learning is our motto.  Students are able to engage all of their senses – visual, auditory, touch, smell, taste – in their classrooms.

We strive to promote an environment where children are encouraged to take risks as they experience diverse and challenging intellectual opportunities, and where they are nurtured both as individuals and as members of a community. We provide experiences for children to develop positive self-concepts and a positive attitude toward school and learning. 

Sci Tech’s mission to, “inspire learning, curiosity, and problem-solving with a focus on science and technology” brings an infusion of technology to support inquiry-based instruction including developing strong community partnerships. Using science and technology to drive teaching and learning of all core competencies prepares students for the rapidly changing world of the 21st century.
​ Sci Tech Local Control & Accountability Plan

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Please look over this draft and give feedback to the principal, Maria Martinez.

To view the document Click Here: Sci Tech LCAP Draft

To email the principal with suggestions or questions, click here: Email the Principal