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SciTech News Mission Statement

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SciTech News Mission Statement

Our mission is to be inclusive and engage all SciTech robots TK-6 grade. We want to connect with students, staff, and families. Our goal is to report the news, talk about current events, showcase student work, educate, entertain, and inform.

SciTech News

SciTech 03/28/2022

SciTech_03/28/2022 iconSciTech 03/28/2022title

SciTech 03/21/2022

SciTech_03/21/2022 iconSciTech 03/21/2022title

Sci Tech News 03/14/2021

Sci_Tech_News_03/14/2021 iconSci Tech News 03/14/2021title

Sci Tech News 03/07/2022

Sci_Tech_News_03/07/2022 iconSci Tech News 03/07/2022title

SciTech News 02/28/2022

SciTech_News_02/28/2022 iconSciTech News 02/28/2022title

SciTech 02/22/2022

SciTech_02/22/2022 iconSciTech 02/22/2022title

Sci Tech News 02/15/2022

Sci_Tech_News_02/15/2022 iconSci Tech News 02/15/2022title

SciTech News 02/07/2022

SciTech_News_02/07/2022 iconSciTech News 02/07/2022title

SciTech News 11/15/21

SciTech_News_11/15/21 iconSciTech News 11/15/21title

SciTech News 11/8/21

SciTech_News_11/8/21 iconSciTech News 11/8/21title

SciTech News 11/01/21

SciTech_News_11/01/21 iconSciTech News 11/01/21title

SciTech News 10/25/21

SciTech_News_10/25/21 iconSciTech News 10/25/21title

SciTech News 10/18/21

SciTech_News_10/18/21 iconSciTech News 10/18/21title