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Parent Quotes -- "All staff and students seem to know my daughter. It feels like a family." -- "It has a very family like quality throughout the whole school. Everyone seems to support each other." -- "La dedicación de los maestros, el interés y apoyo de los maestros a sus estudiantes" -- "My daughter goes to school with a smile on her face and comes back home with a smile. I think everyone at SciTech is doing amazing to make it inclusive for all kids. Thank you!!" -- "The faculty and staff are wonderful and caring. The hands on curriculum is engaging and interesting for my child. I feel like all of my child's teachers have been sincerely looking out for his best interests and his growth; not just as a student, but as a person as well." -- "We have been there since you opened and what I love is the small school family environment. The teachers know the students, and the kids proceed through the grades mostly as a unit which creates bonds between them. Love the amount of field trips and Big Science Friday! I often tell people that our school is how school used to be 30 years ago, before the rigidity developed that exists in the rest of the district today. Kids can still be kids!" -- "Small size, community focus, science based/hands on curriculum and amazing staff and administration. Thank you for all you do!" -- "The different approach to learning, more hands on less paperwork and copies. The teachers ability to work with each child to find what works best for him or her. Smaller school size, less students." -- "I love that the teachers are so caring and love what they do." --
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Field Trip
This year's All School Field Trip to the Exploratorium in San Francisco is on Thursday, September 26th 
NO SCHOOL on Friday, September 27th
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